Menu for private hires

We prepare delicious home cooked food as ordered. Minimum group size is 15 people.
Give us a day's notice and we'll have everything ready as you arrive.

No queues, just enjoy the atmosphare and relax.

Buffet menu prices

  • Light menu 18€ per person
    Green salad, add 1 starter, 1 main, 1 side dish
  • House menu 23€ per person
    Green salad, add 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 side dishes
  • Hearty menu 27€ per person
    Green salad, add 3 starters, 2 mains, 3 side dishes


  • House made Gravlax (L, G)
  • Liver pâté with Sage oil (L, G)
  • Sweet potato, roasted red pepper with chives and crème fraîche dressing (L, G)
  • Mozzarella plate with tomatoes, fresh basil & Balsamico (G)
  • Chicken salad with rice, sun dried tomatoes & mayonnaise (L, G)
  • Potato salad with leek, eggs & mayonnaise (L, G)
  • Cole slaw (L, G)
  • Crispy salad with Cheddar, olives, grapes & citrus vinaigrette (L, G)
  • Pasta salad with ham, corn, peas and fresh parsley (L, G)
  • Grated carrots with pineapple and orange sauce (L, G)
  • Chinese cabbage with tomatoes, cucumber and honey dew melon (L, G)


  • Oven baked salmon in Creamy Vermouth-sauce (L, G)
  • Pork tenderloin with Béarnaise Sauce (L, G)
  • Oven roasted chicken breast (L, G)
  • Karelian stew with pork & beef (L, G)
  • Pork cutlet with fried onions and BBQ-sauce (L, G)
  • Black pepper cream cheese filled baked chicken (G)
  • Beef fillet with red wine sauce (L, G) (supplement of 3€ per person)
  • Oven roasted peppered turkey with mango sauce (L, G)
  • Mozzarella filled eggplant rolls on tomato & vegetable stew (L, G)


  • Garlic potatoes (L, G)
  • Potatoes & cream sauce (L, G)
  • Vegetable gratinL, G)
  • Steamed vegetables (L, G)
  • Rosemary roasted beetroot (L, G)
  • Honey roasted root vegetables (L, G)

L = Lactose free G = Gluten free