Traditional Dance Pavilion

Experience the Finnish culture - cheek to cheek

May I have the next dance?

This is where the reserved nation gets close to one another dancing to the rhythms of Tango, Walz, Foxtrot, Single-time Swing, Cha cha, Rumba, Salsa and many other styles.

In Kartano Kievari's Dance Pavilion there is always live music by top Finnish performers.

Open on Saturdays @ 19.00–0.30 during wintertime

Pavilion experience

The Dance Pavilions are an important part of Finnish social culture. However, on the dance floor certain rules apply and there are a number of basic skills that are good to master in order to have a joyful and fulfilling evening.

In Kartano Kievari you can have a personally guided Dance Pavilion experience. We will take you through the brief history of social
dancing as well as the social rules on the dance floor. The owners of Kartano Kievari, Riitta and Lare Pitkänen, are also Award winning -Social dancing instructors, so you will be personally guided to basic dance technique and the most common dance step, Foxtrot. The private lesson is taught in Finnish, with English commands. Movement is a language in itself and knows no verbal boundaries. In the beginning of the Dance Pavilion evening you will also have your own personal host to get you started. Immerse yourself in music and let the rhythm take you!

Starting time @ 17.00. Pavilion closes @ 0.30

Pavilion experience includes:

  • Learning the social rules
  • Private lesson in the dance technique (1 h)
  • Dance Pavilion tickets
  • A soft drink
  • A personal host in the Pavilion (1 h)
  • Price 65€ per person

    Pavilion peek - for those who want a brief visit

    Do you not have enough time in your schedule to have the full experience? If you just want to have a peek, we can also guide you through the social etiquette.

  • Dance Pavilion tickets
  • A soft drink
  • A personal host in the Pavilion (1 h)
  • This is available through out the evening, just inform us when you are going to arrive.
    Pavilion closes @ 0.30

    Price 35€ per person

    What is Finnish social dancing?

    In Finland going out for social dancing is a very popular way to spend time, meet people, enjoy music and take exercise. The young and the old alike go dancing. Many people have met their future spouse at a dance, but it is very common to go dancing just for the fun of it.
    You do not have to speak Finnish to go to a dance in Finland. Not much talking is done during dancing anyway. If you are a woman, you can simply smile when you are asked to dance and if you are a man, you can bow or nod and hold out your hand when you ask a lady for a dance. After a dance it is customary to say "kiitos" (thank you) but that is about the only Finnish word you need to know.